Whither Buffalo Wings ...?

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

… unfortunately, and obviously, Buffalo Wings Annual 2008 never arrived. Nor 2009. Nor 2010

Sarah and StewartSo what happened? A few things. First of all, the plan to save time by outsourcing artwork didn’t really work out as planned. I loved working with every other illustrator in the books (and some damn fine artwork came out of them), but it turned out that writing and doing layout, sending out notes and model sheets, coordinating with everyone and pulling the book back together at the end still took up way more time than I’d anticipated or really was able to spend.

Second, I found myself oddly writing in a vacuum. Maybe the bulk of my audience had moved on, or maybe I was just trapped publishing an annual print comic book right on the cusp of when the internet and web comics were on the rise. Eileen and RickIn any case, apart from a handful of appreciative fans, for the most part the books seemed to ship out without a lot of feedback from readers or the publishers, and I found it continually hard to press on.

And finally, circling back to the dictum of “write what you know,” I had by this time been out of college for over a decade, trying to write characters still concerned with the daily bustle of classes and campus issues. Moreover, culture and the Internet had changed the atmosphere on college campuses in ways I wasn’t familiar with. I just felt like what I was writing was becoming more and more remote from my own daily life and interests.

Sooo, yeah. Things kind of fizzled …


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